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Vancouver to crowdfund “the Rygo,” Buildatron to Help!

February 1st, 2012  |  Published in Information

Vancouver to crowdfund “the Rygo,” North America’s biggest fabbed art blobject

Get your leafychain Buildatron 3d printed design! We have lots of awesome rewards. Although the Rygo will be located in Vancouver, you will able to see and interact with the Rygo via the internet. For $15 you will be given a password to our website and see the Rygo *live* via webcam. Not only that, you will be able to change the colour and intensity of the light inside the Rygo. We have the leafychain designed by JF Brandon for $20. These will be printed by us, Buildatron, who have just released a new 3D printer onto the market. The leafychain is printed in bio-degrable, non-toxic, ethanol PLA (Polylactic-Acid), at -80microns of resolution, own your first 3d printed object by donating to the Rygo project! It’s perfect!

leafygreenbuildatron 570x760 Vancouver to crowdfund the Rygo, Buildatron to Help!

A Leafygreen P.L.A (Polylactic-Acid) non-toxic, biodegrable keychain printed by Buildatron at >80 Microns!

Where the donations are going:
3D printing, shipping and installing the Rygo will cost close to $10,000. This includes Custom Duties and Taxes. 3D printing the smaller versions of the Rygo, the Leafychain, the Rochain or the Niche are a significant expense that must be covered. If we don’t meet our target, we can print a smaller Rygo. But size matters! I don’t think a smaller Statue of Liberty would have had the same impact as it did. Nor a smaller Eiffel Tower. And it certainly wouldn’t be “the largest” 3D print in North America. The DShape is a 6 x 6 x 8 meter 3D printer…. so if we exceed our target, we might print a bigger Rygo!


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