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November 30th, 2011  |  Published in Information

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I was glad to see this recently in the New York Times, an interesting perspective on the disruptive nature of 3D printing to economies of scale and traditional business models with respect to liability implications. In reference to the legal liabilities that surround the issue of personal desktop manufacturing, the author points out the similarity to “downloading” and the precedent that was set through companies like Napster, which is now the #1 digital music subscription service which charges a $9.99 monthly fee for access to their “product” catalog.

“It has kept legions of lawyers employed fighting copyright violations without a whole lot to show for their efforts in the past decade.”

This was an interesting point, and one that Neil Gershenfeld, director of the MIT center for bits and atoms, addressed at his recent lecture in Washington, DC at the Carnegie Institution for Science in support of his global fablab distributed learning program. If the music industry is any precedent, than we can look forward to the development of monthly design fee based model systems where designers join artists in subscription based services. This is already the case with some great websites like “thingiverse” which has enriched the community through DIY project inventions and innovation. Another paragraph of interest is where the author details the findings of a research paper published for the “Institute for the Future”, a Palo Alto futurist company and the owners of a very active and resourceful linked in community.

“3-D printing will be “manufacturing’s Big Bang.” as jobs in manufacturing, many overseas, and jobs shipping products around the globe are replaced by companies setting up 3-D fabrication labs in stores to print objects rather than ship them.”

This is a really great insight, and as current market indicators corroborate, 3d printing and atomic diffusion technologies generate a revenue  of $1bn, 06-11  annually with 7.1%, 11-16  in annual growth profit, and employment is at 6,072 3d printing experts and 45 Businesses.

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