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We are heavily involved with Alpha One Labs, a hacker space in Brooklyn; we truly understand the culture and ambition of these fantastic places and are looking to service and support spaces like yours! The reason we are contacting your organization is to show you how the Buildatron 2 3D Printer. Since our launch, we have gained a lot of recognition and acclaim for our machine’s functionality and design given it’s affordable status. As a result, we were just featured in a PC Magazine piece (front page: and we have been growing our community every day at the Build Lab (Http:// .

As for the Buildatron 2 quick stats, our Series 2 has a recommended build area of 7x7x4.5in and a max fabrication volume of 8x8x5in. We offer two packages for ownership a fully assembled machines start at $2,500.00 and our partly assembled DIY kits are $1,600.00. We include software with the fully assembled machine, and we have machined couplings, injection molded gears, an internal spool system, and an excellent enclosure.

Our offerings represent the leading edge of technology and the bottom line is that with our software control package and Buildatron 2′s hardware we are building a revolution in low cost 3D printers. We believe in the value of rapid-prototyping technology and their applications for communities and hacker spaces like yours.

We would appreciate a discussion about your needs in order to meet them most completely and grow more successful together. We are looking forward to seeing how Buildatron can get involved in your community!

Best Regards,
Team Buildatron

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