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Buildatron Artist In Residence Program

Each month Buildatron Systems will feature an Artist in Resident as part of their artist outreach program. These artists are selected by Buildatron Systems and the program runs one month. Artists selected in this program have the following responsibilities:

Artists who are selected through the program work together with Buildatron to design, develop, and fabricate a cutting-edge piece of artwork. The Buildatron team with will work the Artist to print, post-process, and deliver professional photography of their artwork project at no COST. Buildatron will supply time on our the Buildatron series 2 replicator and the thermoplastics required in the project. The Artists in return write a weekly article as part of the Artist in Residence program. Artists selected will have their products featured in the Build Store, the Build Lab, and will receive social network promotion and press releases by Buildatron.

How to Apply?
Send an email to include your portfolio, your resume, and a project to proposal where you describe how 3d printing is important to you.

The responsibilities for Participants is as follows:
-Participants must write a weekly article on their concept of 3d printing in relation to their artwork.
-Participants will design one print within the fabrication volume requirements of the Buildatron Series 2 machine.
-Participants can design and sell their artist in residence project to through the Buildatron Website
-Participants should provide Buildatron with a picture and
-Update their website with relevant information specific to the Buildatron Beta Program
-The Participant should submit their design by the end of the first week of the program with initial consultation by Buildatron. In week two, the artist collaborates with Buildatron to research innovative thermoplastic filament options for their artwork. In week the artist submits a second refined object .stl file for consultation by Buildatron. In week 4, the artist submit’s the final product design for fabrication by Buildatron.

The responsibilities for Buildatron Systems is as follows:
-Provide the Artist in Resident with printing time not to exceed 15 hours.
-Feature the Artist In Residence on the website with biographies, pictures, and links to the artist websites.
-Promote the artist through regular social network posts (twitter, face book, and digg)
-Print and take professional photography of the artwork and ship the final product to the Artist at the conclusion of the month long residency program.
-Production and Distribution of a Press Release for the Artist
-At the conclusion of the program Buildatron will release a second Press Release with images of the collaborative artwork project.

Percentage and exclusivity:
-At the conclusion of the program the Artist can open a “Build Lab” store to distribute their designs through the developing Buildatron User Object catalog in both .STL and .AMF files. Buildatron will be entitled to a %60 percent percentage of any designed object sold in coordination with the Buildatron Product Beta Program.

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