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We have assembled these answers to some of the most frequently asked questions. If you do not find what you are looking for  here, try checking on the forum.


Q. Where did the idea for Buildatron come from?

A. Having been heavily involved with emerging 3D fabrication technologies, and through the support of the RepRap Community, along with our good friends at the Alpha One Labs hackerspace we were able to create the environment and collaboration needed to form Buildatron!

Q. What do you sell at Buildatron?

A. Our flagship items are the fully assembled Buildatron 1 Huxley and Prusa Mendel 3D printers.  Additionally derivatives of these product lines include the DIY kits as well. In addition to these 3D prototypers  we are also offering our Buildatron case in varying sizes for many of the RepRap’s currently in the community.

Q. Is specialized software required to run a Buildatron printer?

A. Buildatron systems can run open source software.

Q. I am interested in learning more about 3d printing and Buildatron!

A. Check out our forums at !

Q. I am writing a paper on 3d printing companies, can I interview Buildatron?

A. We always welcome exposure, we believe the personal manufacturing revolution is an incredibly powerful and liberating idea, so just ask!

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