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The Facts on SFACT

October 24th, 2011  |  Published in Information

The Facts on SFACT (A synopsis of the Skeinforge modification):

{Credits to ahmetcemturan}

ahmetcemturan/SFACT – GitHub

SFACT is based on Skeinforge, a modification for ease of use by the end user. Pronterface can have either sfact, or skeinforge integrated. In the future additional modifications will carry Slic3r.

Here is an overview of current features:
1. Requires Python 2.7 installed.
2. Only compatible with Stepper extruders
3. Uses Sprinter Firmware and Pronterface host programs
4. Creates new skeinforge settings by using its own sfact_settings directory
5. Uses Gcode extension .gmc now internally
6. Extrusion width measured in mm (new). Previously the SFACT was a ratio to layer height.

Among the highlights of the entry on Sfact ( are:


-Added the option to send Extruder reset (G92 E0) command before print so that the extruder does not spool back after priming. (Even without start.gmc file)


-Feedrates are entered as values with respective flowrates as 1, instead of entering sam value again. (except for Bridge Feedrate). -Nozzle Lift setting has been changed to Extra nozzle Lift over object and defaults to 0. -Wipe is on by default and is around the 0 point


If you should feel the need to calibrate: 1-Print a thin walled test object (Single wall) Measure the width of the wall. 2-Go to Dimension and check the Calibration Checkbox. 3-Enter the Measured value. 4-ReSkein and print the object. (During the Skein the command window will display a packing ratio. Note it somewhere (the first 4 digits are enough) 5-If satisfied with the print, go to DIMENSION tab uncheck the calibration checkbox and enter that value into the packing density Box. 6-You are done. Repeat when needed. Changing extrusion values should not necessarily arise the need for recalibration…

SFACT uses a correct default value and does not affect the existing Skeinforge install. As the end user you select the filament dimension. The software stores its settings in a sfact_settings folder within the Skeinforge folder. This is where you add your replication machine settings to optimize your resolution and performance. Updated and working versions of SFACT and help are under : SFACT Homepage and the development is under: (Master branch) License is same as Skeinforge (GNU Affero General Public License).

Excerpt from Readme.txt:

I have modified Skeinforge to be more practical and easier to tune. features include:

A more up to date version could be found at

Also trying to get the SFACT wiki up and running:

SFACT is at home:

-Will not mess up your old Skeinforge settings as it will use its own sfact_settings directory inside its own folder.

-Deleted unused plugins and unused settings.

-Namings changed to be more understandable.

-Important settings moved to top of Plugin Tab.

-Default values give good prints rightaway.

-Internally used Gcode files use extension .gmc now.

-Most Feedrates are now entered as values (mm/s) and their respective flowrates are 1 so you dont have to enter everything twice.

We hope that this synopsis has been helpful, sign up on our Build Lab to post comments.

-The Buildatron team

For more information visit:

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