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The mission of Buildatron Systems is to Build a Revolution through affordable 3D printers and robotic devices. The democratization of personal manufacturing is now a reality with our three-dimensional part building systems; an unprecedented prototyping innovation for society. Developed from and through the invaluable RepRap community, our products reduce the time and cost of realizing complex projects while also enabling direct and indirect manufacturing for home inventors, educational institutions, small business, and Buildatron’s Rep Rap community at large.


Buildatron is the new definition of made in America manufacturing. We are dedicated to creating cost-saving 3D printing, rapid prototyping, and rapid manufacturing solutions that are low cost and easily implemented. We are continuously investing in research and development, and we are broadening our technological capabilities every day through open source Rep Rap and our in house Build Lab! Buildatron is working hard to put you in the drivers seat of your prototyping needs. In addition to this, These technologies are meeting the challenges of sustainability and the green movement through localized personal manufacturing and the use of recyclable non-toxic eco-friendly plastics and materials.


Our community commitment involves attracting and developing dedicated employees who are passionate about helping our customers succeed anyway possible, period.  Our cutting edge use of technology, systems, and resources provide the support you are looking for, so be the change you desire and Build a Revolution!


Our Purpose:

·         Build a Revolution


Our Core Values:

·         Empower – Enable manufacturing power.
·         Innovate – Constantly develop new solutions. Then top it!
·         Collaborate – Do great things together.
·         Fun – Revel in everything.
·         Buildatron – Make Buildatron your own. Share your value __________.


About RepRap:

The RepRap project is an initiative to develop a 3D printer (RepRap, short for “replicating rapid prototyper”) that can print most of its own components. As an open design, all of the designs produced by the project are released under a free software license, the GNU General Public License.

RepRap uses a variant of fused deposition modeling, an additive manufacturing technique.

To date, the RepRap project has released two 3D printing machines: “Darwin”, released in March 2007, and “Mendel”, released in October 2009. Developers have named each after famous biologists, as “the point of RepRap is replication and evolution”.[1]

Due to the self-replicating ability of the machine, authors envision the possibility to cheaply distribute RepRap units to people and communities, enabling them to create (or download from the internet) complex products without the need for expensive industrial infrastructure.[2] They intend for the RepRap to demonstrate evolution in this process as well as for it to increase in number exponentially.[3][4]

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About the Founders:

The Founders / Directors of Buildatron Systems are James Wolff, Dan Liotti, and Zach Hines. They have converted experience in industry leading emerging manufacturing technologies into Buildatron systems and the Buildatron I 3D Printer. Combined, they have publications in leading magazines and websites, multiple awards from manufacturing leader Materialise, and certifications with Autodesk® and Rhino – McNeel®. Their backgrounds in mechanical and electrical engineering along with industry leading product design and business management services are foundational to the Buildatron Revolution.  So come join James, Dan, and Zach and help Build a Revolution!

Come join us!

James Wolff                            Dan Liotti                              Zach Hines
Founder/ Director                 Founder/ Director               Founder/ Director


Our Buildatron 3D printers are great for:

E-commerce: architects, 3d printers, engineers, fashion designers, toy designers, music instrument makers and repair shops
Businesses: hardware stores, doctors offices, dentists, orthopedic offices, packaging/shipping/copying stores, middle School hardware shops and robotics programs, high School hardware shops and robotics programs, college hardware shops and robotics programs, architectural offices
Technology Companies: headphone makers, EEG headset developers, 3D Glasses companies, bluetooth and earbud device makers, personal media device manufacturers, game design companies, personal media device makers, game console developers, phone and modem manufacturers

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