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  • PC Magazine Buildatron Feature! Dec 16, 2011 | No Comments

    PC Mag - Buildatron - A 2D Tour of a 3D Printer Factory-12-16-2011

    Hello world! PC Mag has featured our latest series 2 machine on their website!

  • Welcome to Buildatron Systems! Nov 9, 2011 | No Comments


    The mission of Buildatron Systems is to Build a Revolution through affordable 3D printers and robotic devices. Please feel free to contact us at or on the Build Lab.

  • Buildatron 2 Details Nov 9, 2011 | No Comments


    The Buildatron 2 3D Printer has been meticulously deigned and detailed. We have sourced the best parts on the market, come take a look! You can find more at the Build Lab or our Buildatron Store.  


Design your world!
Sep 14, 2011 | No Comments

A Buildatron Series 2 Fully-Assembled 3D Printer is great for an individual, company, or government body looking to revolutionize workflow / idea potential! Come take a look at the Buildatron Store or Build Lab. Build a Revolution with the Buildatron 2. On the Buildatron 2 3D Replicator we have developed many important upgrades that are vital for [...]

Watch the machine in action!
Sep 15, 2011 | No Comments

    Watch the Buildatron Series 2 replicator in action as it builds an object before your eyes. Our new series 2 Free Form Fabrication (FFF) system is now available for home consumers, small businesses, and educational and government institutions. In this video you can see the machine as it fabricates a torso .stl file using [...]


Build a Revolution™

PC Magazine Buildatron Feature!
PC Mag - Buildatron - A 2D Tour of a 3D Printer Factory-12-16-2011

Hello world! PC Mag has featured our latest series 2 machine on their website!

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Join us at our Build Lab Community!

The Buildatron Build Lab. At World Makerfaire in NYC this past September we launched a new online meeting place and forum where users of Buildatron machines and the rep-rap community can work together to develop new modifications, improvements, and brainstorm new 3d printed creations!  

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Vancouver to crowdfund “the Rygo,” Buildatron to Help!

Vancouver to crowdfund “the Rygo,” North America’s biggest fabbed art blobject Get your leafychain Buildatron 3d printed design! We have lots of awesome rewards. Although the Rygo will be located in Vancouver, you will able to see and interact with the Rygo via the internet. For $15 you will be given a password to our [...]

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How To Make Better Prints
Buildatron 3D Printers REPRAP

3D printers are complicated. This guide is targeted to new adopters of the technology. These insights have been collected and assembled from across the Internet and through our own particular experiences with the Buildatron 1 printer system. We are working on an effective 3d trouble shooting flow chart for building and maintenance of our printers [...]

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Fabbaloo Reviews Buildatron!
fabbaloo buildatron 3d printer

The Buildatron 2 is featured on Fabbaloo right now. In this article Fabbaloo deconstructs the advancements of the Buildatron Series 2 Rep Rap and even mentions innovative features such as our magnetic hood attachment system, our internal spooling system, and the use of linear bearings in our machines. Fabbaloo goes on to say “The Buildatron [...]

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